Installation view, Pavillion, Kinning Park Complex

Installation view, Pavillion, Kinning Park Complex

Finlay Clark, Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach, Calum O’Connor and I create collaborative works as musical collective Still House Plants.

Pavillion took place in Kinning Park Complex in Glasgow as part of Glasgow International 2016

Using the conventions of Western instrumentation, text pieces are linked to obscured melodies, exploring the qualities of the human voice with a grounding in a Minimalist approach to song structure, tempo and rhythm. Through use of guitar, vocals, drums, saxophone, and violin, a grounding is created; consciously not overusing instrumentation, the instruments are pushed the furthest that they can go. Rather than using effects or synths, the body is put into play, saturating the instruments for everything they have.


⇨⇨ Kinning Park Complex is an amazing place, visit and support it! ⇦⇦

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